Monday, November 7, 2011

Derek Anthony on Shotgun Big Show

If you haven't heard Episode 35 of the VPX Shotgun Big Show, featuring John Romano and Lee Priest, I strongly encourage you to do so. This episode was incredibly entertaining as Derek Anthony joined the show. I must say, I was curious about how Derek and Lee would get along, mainly since Lee is a comical, outspoken kinda guy and Derek Anthony was always marketed as the resident hothead during the RxMuscle days.

But the rapport couldn't have been any better than it was. The three got along splendidly, making me wish the show would go for another hour or two!
Derek really felt like he belonged; the more I listened to the program, the more I felt like this trio could be just what the doctor ordered - taking three-man shows like Heavy Muscle Radio and Pro Bodybuilding Weekly, head on.

At a time when feuds seem rampant between the SBS & its fans v. HMR and its fans, few could dismiss that pound for pound, Derek Anthony and Aaron Singerman are quite possibly the two most popular names in the game - and both are remarkably similar. Anthony and Singerman both had a connection to RxMuscle, both are around the same age, both have fairly new but exploding radio shows, and neither actively competes (e.g. hold a pro card or is a top NPC contender).

Pound for pound, it would be interesting which celebrity would have more fans? Anyone up for starting a fan poll? Whether at RxMuscle, GetBig, I'd put my money with Singerman, but after last night's show, I might go back to the undecided column.

Again, awesome show! Check out the The DA Show (http://blogtalkradio/DAShow) and