Sunday, April 1, 2012

Winston, Mo, Colin & More!


At the close of another week, we go out in style. A few days a I was able to shoot some great videos with Winston Tsai, who took a jaw-dropping 2nd Place in Physique at the 2012 NPC Simmons Peckam Classic!The video above, shot a few days after the contest, gives you some idea of good the young champ looked. This is a guy that gives it his all in the gym, and with the help of his friend Colin Weng (who's currently prepping for the NPC Junior Nationals), Winston has been able to build a first class look. Please take the time to watch the featured videos and if you have a facebook - please join his fanpage "Winston Tsai Fitness."

Mo Saaidi with Collin Weng at Powerhouse Gym - East Lansing


Also, I was able to catch with Mo Saaidi, who I've been trying to get on camera for weeks! He's been able to pack on a decent amount of muscle and trains with strategic precision. He's in full control of his weight; he's meticulous when it comes to good form, and he's a very sociable and approachable kind of guy. What I really like about his look, is that he's good arms, excellent abs, a solid back, but more than anything, I think his best bodypart is his chest.


Make sure to check back for more; we're going to be doing a lot more videos with Mo, Winston, Kyle Hein, and hopefully Colin Weng!!