Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chatting with Ray Temprano

Below are three responses penned by bodybuilder Ray Temprano to our questions. Ray is an inspiration to us all, and is proof positive that discipline and hard work pay off! I hope he will send us a batch of recent photos as soon as gets its own webhosting again. And big congrats to Ray!

"My profile pic is actually 2 years old. It was taken at the N.Y. Metropolitan over 55 class where I came in first place. My age at the time was 59 and I weighed 188. I am now 61 and my contest weight was 198 for the NPC Masters Nationals where I won first place in the Heavy weight class. In the over 60 class anything over 187 is considered heavy weight. In the off season usually go up to about 230. I have been lifting weights on and off since I was 16 years old, but didn't start competing until 5 years ago at age 57. Prior to that I did some power lifting and competed in some bence press competitions. I am currently trying to concentrate more on my legs, they can always use improvement. My routine is as follows:

Day 1......chest
Day 2......Back
Day 3......Off
Day 4......Shoulders
Day 5......Legs
Day 6......Bis and tris
Day 7.....Off

My best advice to the over 50 group is "you're never too old." Eat clean,train within your limits and you will be surprised in what you can achieve.....thank you."

Ray Temprano

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