Monday, April 25, 2011

What Prohormones Are Left?

Our good friend, Rick Martis, co-owner of Physical Addictions (see ), gives us his take on what's left on the market for all you guys and girls trying to stronger and more lean. Rick is not only a successful businessman, but he also has put out a series of informative youtube vlogs that are available for FREE! You'd be a complete fool not to check out these indispensable resources -- available 100% for FREE! Lastly, reward businesses that give back to the sport with your businees! You're not just gymrats, you're also consumbers. Spend your hard-earned money with people love the sport - people like Rick Martis :)

So here goes... Rick spills the beans!

"Unfortunately all that is legal now is not near as anabolic as what was just banned in the last year. All the good stuff is gone cause our corrupt FDA is in the hands big pharma and they dont like us competing with them. what i mean if you dont get it is this. when a compound works and puts size on guys quickly the owrd gets around and it sells well so what does this do? it keeps guys from going to the Dr to get stuff if they can even but mainly it keeps thme from going ont he street to get the real stuff and who makes the real stuff? big pharma companies do. so we are in direct competition witht them and what company likes competition? this is one of the few industrries that when you dont want competition you can get the FDA to ban them for you. This frustrates me really bad cause there are so many drugs that kill people and also have many side effects that cause people to take more drugs for the side effects and before you know it they are on half a dozen meds and the drug companies love this!! but i dont know of anyone who ever died from an over the counter prohormone that was banned. anyway that and why you will never see a car run without gas cause big oil wont allow that competition either. our country is poluted and so corrupt on so many levels it makes my head blow up , anyway to answer your question look here for a few decent ones that wont be banned.

Legal gear makes decent products still and the Double Dragon line. Also the A50 and the A-HD are pretty good. and for a pre workout the Super NOX has some mild test boosters and is a great endurance drink that wont get you skin crawling and have your heart pounding out of your chest but it is great for long sustained energy and good strength, thanks buddy and post this if you want, have a great day"


  1. Good post! Before you begin using pro-hormones you should do some research and make sure you understand exactly what these supplements are and what they will do within your body.


  2. Thanks so much for the info! I watched the videos and they were very informative. Its been really hard for me to find a place to get good prohormones. Between the blog and the videos, I now have a good place to start my search.

  3. This is some great info on prohormones, really helpful, thanks!