Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hardcore Physique Training

I think a lot of things get easily lost in the shuffle. A lot of people in our sport think bikni girls come off the beach and walk onto an NPC stage - they don't know about the girls that powerlift and/or do triatholons (as seen on; many people also don't know about the numbers that natty powerlifters move, they just assume that because their natural, the numbers must be lower by at least 40% -- WRONG! But one are where a lot of people are in for a shock, is Physique.

People see these young, good looking model types, wearing colorful boardshots, tanned bodies, and catwalk poses to a sea of camera flashes. There's no pushing or shoving (as seen in the bodybuilding posedown), there's no trash talk (like at the Olympia press conference), and there's no dvds featuring these guys throwing weights around or looking like total meatheads (sorry Branch,lol). Most people think Physique guys eat rice cakes and drink wheat grass tea. They don't life hard, they're models. WRONG!

In this article we take a look at three Lansing/E.Lansing Physique stars. The top video features Winston Tsai, with bodybuilder Jeff Vasque offering some encouragement. In the second video, we tune into Colin Weng's channel. Colin is a top level Physique competitor aspiring to hit the Junior USA stage in 2012; he's also training Winston Tsai.

Moreover, we shocase an interview (above) with Kyle Hein. Kyle is getting ready to compete in two shows, in Ohio & Kentucky. He has a great physique, highlighted by quality guns (peaking biceps and thick triceps).

Finally, if you scroll down to the next post, you can read a great interview with Martin Mester, who won the C Class and the Masters Division (both in Physique) at the 2012 NPC Iron Man Naturally. An interview with overall winner of that show, Shaka Smith, is on the way!

Last but certainly not least, make sure to check out my interview's Aaron Singerman. Aaron is an aspiring physique star, who's taken as high as 2nd Place in open competition. He's also the co-host of the popular industry-wide radio shows, "Access Bodybuilding" and "Iron Empire Radio." He's also the national spokesperson for IronMagLabs, a wonderful supplement company that makes the strongest prohormones legally availabe. IML is a huge supporter of our sites, and we couldn't ask for a cooler company to work with!

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