Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Banned for Romano

I first got into bodybuilding after a bad breakup in 2005. The sport meant so much to me that it shot up my self-esteem helped me kick twelve years of smoking, and it made me take my diet, training, and supplementation more serious than anything else in my life. In no time, I was reading the bodybuilding magazines, buying books and dvds, and visiting the online message boards. In 2006, I discovered Pro Bodybuilding Weekly, a weekly show hosted by Dan Solomon and bodybuilding champion, Bob Cicherillo.

Once PBW got boring, a new show featuring Muscular Development Magazine's John Romano & Dave Palumbo, titled No Bull Radio took to the online radio waves. I was instantly made a diehard fan. So naturally, when Romano and Palumbo parted ways with MD, I followed the duo to their next project: the revamped RxMuscle.com

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