Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Destined for Trimph

Physique sports are amongst the most difficult to master, because there is no scoring the field goal, hitting a homer, or knocking out the champ. Many competitors commit to years of hard training, coupled with months of strict dieting, developing posing routines, nailing their color, just to stand on stage and look their best for a few hours - minutes actually!

Bodybuilding is the king of all physique sports, demanding the most disciplined, courageous individuals. There supplements are just the tip of the iceberg, and in fact, they are the smallest part.

One of the best Women bodybuilders in the NPC, the largest amateur federation in the United States, is Kate Cooper. Just recently she took 2nd place in the Heavyweight Class as the 2011 NPC USA Championships, and she won the Light Heavyweight (Over 35) Class at the 2011 NPC Masters Nationals. Kate has been competing since 2001, according to her website's contest overview. She's placed Top 5 in several key shows, as well as winning the 2004 NPC Excalibur -- one of the best known contests in the country.

Given her recent success at national qualifiers, I am confident that you'll see this beautiful lady earn her IFBB Pro Card in no time! For more info on this superb athlete, visit her official website at: http://www.kate-cooperfbb.com/

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